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Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am-12pm, 2pm-6pm; Thursday 2pm-6pm
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A Story Built on Compassion and Care For Others

About Our Business

We have been serving the community for years! Here’s a look at why we know you can trust us with you chiropractic care!

About Dr. Jonathan Pallone

 I Graduated from New York Chiropractic with honors in 1996. I am from the area & actually graduated from Burrell High School. Both of my daughters are currently attending the same high school. My wife Melissa works the front desk & handles much of the administrative work as well. Together we named the practice “Pallone Family Chiropractic.”
We stick to our

Core Values

It is the mission of our office to help patients to improve their level of functioning. From the high level athlete to patients in their 90’s we strive to improve a person’s quality of life. Dr. Pallone & the staff will tirelessly work to help you live a better life, with less pain, & greater ability to face your day to day challenges. 

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Patient Reviews

I work in the construction industry & have a physical job. I had been dealing with an ongoing wrist issue on & off since high school. I noted the pain worsening after bowling with some friends & decided to get it checked out. I had seen Dr. Pallone several times for back issues & mentioned the wrist pain. He evaluated the area, did a few tests & was able to manipulate it. It has now been two weeks & I am pain free. I am able to work & bowl without pain. Thanks for the help. 

Tyler M.

Doctor Jon Has been treating me for 25 years, from the time he established his practice. In my 20’s my sciatic, hip and lower back pain was was often severe and at brief moments incapacitating. Gradually he would get me back to being physically functional. In time, following his regimen of chiropractic treatment, walking, stretching, and with age implementing shoe inserts he has relieved me of any chronic, severe pain. Now Doctor Jon has me on a mild maintenance program that keeps me functional at work and able to compete sprint triathlons. It’s a process, but one that works.

Mark. M