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What Does Our Process Look Like?

We tailor our treatment to the patient indivually. We employ several adjusting techniques. We do Diversified Technique. Drop Table technique: the uses of an Impulse Adjuster for patient’s that prefer a lighter touch, who are elderly, have osteoporosis or who are young. we also offer other techinques such as a Y-strap or traction.


We adjust on tables that are specifically made for each technique. We have 4 different types of table to help accommodate all type of patients. Manipulation adds value to my practice, because it serves as the base for all of our treatment. Nearly all of our treatment plans include manipulation. Getting an area of the spine or an extremity moving is one of our primary goals.

Ancillary Therapies

These therapies are all designed to help our patients improve & improve more quickly. They are Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, Manual & Mechanical traction, & Infrared Light. They are either preparatory for the manipulation or designed to compliment the therapeutic process. They help to reduce inflammation, reduce pain & increase blood flow in the affected area(s).

Exercises & Stretches

Exercises & stretches represent another tool we use to help our patients return to normal activities of daily living. These very specific movements are prescribed at a time where they complement the patient’s plan of care. They help a patient to return to pre-injury or condition status and also help to maintain a patient’s condition so they do not have to treat as often.

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